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*Our application cycle is currently Closed*

Thank you for your interest in joining the Empower Lab. For the most precise information about when application cycles are open, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. Look below for common questions asked about the lab or the application process in general and please feel free send any other questions to .


+ What does the Empower Lab do? Is it a wet lab? Is it an advocacy organization?

The Empower Lab is a public health research lab that studies the intersection of sexual- and gender-based violence and health. While we also do advocacy, we are not primarily an advocacy organization, nor are we a wetlab. The detailed descriptions of our lab research projects can be found under the Our Projects tab.

+ What skills will I be able to develop?

The lab focuses on development of research and leadership skills. These include: study design, recruitment, data extraction and analysis, presentation skills, time management, professional communication, scientific writing, advocacy, personnel management, mentoring, and task delegation.

+ What opportunities will I have to grow?

The Empower Lab offers several opportunities for student Research Assistants (RAs) to progress in the lab. RAs conduct research and have the opportunity to progress to more advanced roles such as Team Leader (TLs) guiding a specific research project, and Associate Director of Research. These promotions are based on merit.

+ What is the time commitment?

All research assistants in the lab are required to put in 8 hours per week during the year excluding any individual vacations or breaks. All lab members must commit to a minimum of one year of working in the lab. We cannot consider applications from individuals who are not available and physically present in New York for the year.

+ Is there a paid position?

All of the positions within the lab are unpaid positions filled by volunteers. However, Research Assistants can apply on their own to grant opportunities and resources within NYU for financial support. We are happy to provide letters of support for funding opportunities as appropriate.

+ Are Non-NYU students able to apply?

The Empower lab welcomes all applicants who can commit to the 1-year commitment, and can attend weekly lab meetings at NYU’s Washington Square campus on Mondays at 5:30-7:30 PM. You are welcome to apply as a non-NYU student, but make sure this commitment is realistic for you.

+ Do I need to have previous research experience?

Previous research experience is not a requirement to be in the lab, but it is a plus.

+ Do I need to be pre-med/a science major to be in the lab?

No, being pre-med or a Biology/Chemistry major is not a requirement. We have accepted people studying Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Global Public Health and more, many of whom have no intention of going to medical school. We love to have a diversity of academic backgrounds in the lab as it provides additional perspectives and makes our work stronger.

+ Can I receive experiential learning credit?

Members of the lab may request to receive experiential learning credit or other course credit after completing one semester with the lab if Dr. Ades’s approval is required.

+ What are the application cycles?

Undergraduate Student: The Empower Lab has 2 application cycles per year: Summer (apply in March-April, start in June) and Fall (apply in July-August, start in September) Medical Student: The Empower Lab has 1 application cycle: Winter (apply in October-November, start in December). To know when our application cycles open, please subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

+ What kind of writing sample do I need to provide?

Any sort of academic work is fine. Our members have submitted anything from lab reports to literature research papers. Send us something you think showcases your writing abilities. The desired length is specified in our hiring flyer. Your work must be in English.

+ What should I do to prepare for my interview?

Make sure you understand what our lab is and what we do. Review our website carefully to familiarize yourself with our mission and the research and advocacy work that we do. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook . If any specific teams interest you, tell us that!

+ Can I receive experimental learning credit?

Members of the lab may request to receive experimental learning credit or other course credit after completing one semester with the lab if Dr. Ades's approval is required. Please contact the lab via our email listed on the contact page if there are any further questions or concerns.