Empower Lab 2019 Graduates


We are saying goodbye to five Empower Lab members, including our three ADRs. They move on to new and exciting opportunities. While we’ll miss them at our lab meetings, we’re super proud of all the work they’ve done and the amazing futures ahead of them. Here’s just a snapshot of the incredible 2019 graduates!

Nicole Acero

Nicole was ADR for the lab during her senior year, as well as Team Leader for Sugar Dating and TET. She graduated in May with a major in Global Public Health and Sociology. She was essential in driving the Sugar Dating team to where it is today, and gave a presentation at FIGO on the topic. Going forward, she will be working with Dr. Scott Sherman at the VA as a research assistant during her gap year, before applying to medical schools. We wish her all the best!

Anna Chessky

Anna graduated with a major in Global Public Health and Chemistry. She was our ADR for over a year, during which she presented at ACOG’s Annual Meeting. She has a real passion for data, and her work ethic and exigence made us all better researchers. She plans on applying to medical schools in the next year. Go Anna!

Sonya Chemouni Bach

Sonya is leaving the lab after 2 years, 1.5 years as an ADR. She was also the Team Leader for PSOT and our designated IRB coordinator. While she was with us, she completed a post-baccalaureate at NYU, and presented at FIGO. She is following in Dr. Ades’s footsteps and will be starting an MD/MPH at SUNY Downstate. Here’s to her success!

Diana Mora

Diana graduated with a major in Global Public Health and Sociology. She was Team Leader for the Healthcare Access and Trafficking Team. She presented that research at FIGO. For the summer and beyond, she will be working as an American Voices Project Research Fellow with Stanford University. That means she’ll travel across the United States to interview people about their lives, their families, their experiences, and their hopes and dreams, and hopefully inform policy change. We’ll be thinking of her on her adventures!

An update on Emily Rabinowitz: 

Emily officially graduated from the lab last year, but she came back intermittently to tie up her work in our Chronic Pelvic Pain study. After a year of hard work at John Hopkins and for the NIH, she is now getting ready to start a Clinical Psychology PhD program at Kent State University in the Fall! She hopes to study trauma and pain. We are very proud of her! 

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