This is such a sad and dark day for America. I am completely heartbroken. The balloon of liberal idealism that I hold onto so strongly has been popped in an instant. I will NEVER respect our new president elect. I will NEVER support a man who wants to a build wall, deport millions of undocumented immigrants, and alienate hard-working American Muslims from society. I will NEVER rally around a man who has encouraged more racism, sexism, bigotry, hate and anti-Semitism than I ever have seen in my entire life. What saddens me the most, though, is that this demagogue’s win feels like the death of reason, truth, and intellectualism. His lies run like water, and he is completely ignorant about domestic and foreign affairs.
The candidate whom I supported is Hillary Clinton. Her message about working together and embracing America's increasing diversity resonated with me throughout her entire campaign. A Clinton win, which I was sure was going to happen, would have signaled a brighter and more inclusive future for this country…but alas. I still believe that Clinton’s vision for America is our future; it just won’t be realized in 2016. It rests far off in the blurry distance where the glass ceiling is as intact as ever and the America that I and so many dream of is still a fantasy.
This election should be a galvanizing force for millions of young people-whites, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, gays and lesbians, and Jews-to come together and become actively involved in the causes they care about. We need to fight for the America we want, a place where there is room for everyone to be who they are and make their own choices. While terribly sad and upset, I woke up today with that sense of purpose and drive. Now, I set out to make that change happen. 

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